Video: "I Need You" (Live)

"I Need You"

About ten years ago I was teaching through the Psalms at a local church youth group.

One of the highlights of the series, ironically, was learning together that Psalms of Lament were more numerous than any other genre (Creation Psalms, Salvation History Psalms, Royal Psalms, Thanksgiving Psalms, etc).

This was an epiphany for us! It was as if we'd been given a pass to be sad- to be realistic about Sam's parents' divorce, and Laura's recent break up, and the betrayal of Jenn by her friends.  More than this, we'd been given a pass to be sad IN WORSHIP- in the presence of God and one another!

So in an effort to represent the lament of our group, and help us remember the summer and the deep truth of the presence of sad Psalms in the Bible, I wrote a modern day Psalm of Lament called "I Need You."  (A few years later a band called "The Swift" put this on their album, releasing it as a radio single. You can hear their version here and here.)

Above is a recent performance of "I Need You."  You can also download/purchase it on iTunes.  And here is a chord chart!

“I Need You” 1. My heart is restless in me.  My wings are all worn out. I'm walking in the wilderness and I cannot get out. I need you, oh I need you.  Blessed Savoir, come. I need you, oh I need you.  You're the every longing of my soul.

(Chorus) Oh how I need You, Lord. I need your perfect word. With tearful eyes to see the sin that I afford. I need to weep and pray for, oh, the thousand ways that I have failed you just today.

2. My bed is soaked with sadness.  My sadness has no end; a downward spiral of despair, and I keep falling in. I need You, oh I need you.  To you my soul shall fly. I need You,  oh I need you.  YWHW, how I love you more than life.

(Bridge) Your silence is like death to me, so won't You hear my desperate plea!

3. Today my soul is soaring way over mountains high. And though I can see the valleys, they're all just passing by. It's not that I am stronger- look at my feeble wings; but I've been lifted higher.  YWHW's lifted me in his own strength

(Chorus 2) Oh how I love You, Lord.  I love your perfect word. With tearful eyes to see the God who always will endure. Now I will celebrate for, oh, the thousand ways that You have shown me grace, and made my heart, in grace to stay. You've made my heart in grace to stay.

Josh Bales (C)2003 Bryan Days Music (ASCAP)