Counseling is about listening to the stories of others.

About Our Counseling Practice

Josh and Mindy Bales counsel individuals, couples, and families. As husband and wife they often see clients together. The Bales consider themselves wounded healers, offering counsel from their own experiences of brokenness and redemption. They believe that personal growth and healthy relationships require hard work, sincere grief, and profound laughter. They specialize in marital and premarital counseling, family conflict, anxiety, stress, depression, anger management, emotion regulation, identity, body image, self-assertion, masculinity and men's issues, femininity and women's issues, work with artists and creative personality types, and work with men and women in professional clergy/ministry vocations.

The Bales' approach to counseling is integrative and relational: it draws upon classic psychotherapeutic practices while keeping the therapeutic relationship central. This approach stems from training in Psychodynamic Theory and Object Relations Theory, and includes the use of Emotionally Focused Therapy, Internal Family Systems Therapy, and Existential and Gestalt Therapies.

Two unique influences on our work as therapists are our interests in religious life and the arts. Josh is a touring singer-songwriter, recording artist, and (soon to be) Anglican priest. And Mindy is a personal consultant, helping women explore ways of integrating beauty and soul care.



Hard Work, Sincere Grief, Profound Laughter

by Josh Bales

Placing one's self on the gurney of personal growth is physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually exhausting.  Soul care requires hard work, sincere grief, and profound laughter.


10 Quotes & A Song About (sweet) Forgiveness

by Josh Bales

We forgive people not because they deserve our forgiveness, but because we want to be free. – Mike Mason, Anglican Priest


What Counseling Means to Me

By Josh Bales

Counseling is as plain and simple- sometimes as mundane and meandering- as two people telling stories on a bench in Central Park.  But it is, at the same moment, as epic and life-changing as the reconciliation of warring people groups in South Africa.  Counseling is powerful precisely for this reason: it holds together the park bench and the peace talk... in one hour... on a Tuesday afternoon.

Our Office in Orlando


Josh and Mindy counsel out of Journeys Counseling Center in Maitland/Orlando, Fl.  At Journey's Counseling Center Orlando, our hope is to help you lead a life that is compelling, authentic, and free! While we can’t change the difficult situations of your past or present, we will work alongside you to discover creative and transformative new ways of living. Whether you are seeking support and guidance for general emotional health, relationship or marriage counseling, recovery from addiction, or recovery from the wounds of abuse, we believe that your journey of counseling will involve the profound work of learning about your self and your relationships; it will mean choosing new ways of thinking, feeling, and acting; and it will inevitably mean more joy!