A Song For Hurting Marriages


*Forewarning: This is a SAD song.  A song without much redemption- unless you count truth-telling and grieving as redemptive.  So I post it for those of you aren't in a redemptive place but want to be, and want to begin by just being sad about a marriage that deserves tears.  I hope it helps you express the sadness instead of numbing it.

I overheard her talking to a friend.  She was talking about us.  She said, "We married 20 years ago.  When we were both too young.  Now he never even talks to me.  And we're like strangers in the house."  She said "It's like I don't exist anymore. Sometimes I wanna scream out loud."

Chorus: "We're not in love. We're just living here.  Love's burning firehas cooled year after year.  We never fight or laugh or cry, and that's how I know that this love has died.  We're not inlove. We're just living here."

I've been working a lot of overtime. Now that the kids have moved away.  She's got her church, and her hobbies, and friends.  So get by from day to day.  But I can't stand that silent, empty house- just the two of us in there.  I wonder what we even talk about, because talking means you've got to care.

Bridge: There's been no scandal.  There's been no affair.  Just two hearts too tired to care.  We should want more, we said "I do."  Now we lay together alone in this room.