Songwriting is about telling my story.


NEW! Come Away From Rush and Hurry

A year and a half ago I began arranging and recording these hymns.  My vocation is a wonderful mix of being a husband, dad, counselor, and priest, so most of the work on this album was done in between sermon-writing, potty-training, and therapy (my own and that of my clients).  Stealing away to work on this music brought life to me as a husband, priest, dad, and therapist.

The Birds Their Carols Raise.jpg

The Birds Their Carols Raise

Josh’s newest release is a project of hymns and sacred songs- some originals. Recorded in his home and counseling office in Orlando, this album has been ten years in the making!


Somehow I Knew

An album of Nashville-infused pop songs. Josh was born in the 1980s, in Tennessee…which means he had Phil Collins in one ear and Country Music in the other. It was a great time to be alive for a songwriter to be. This is road trip music best enjoyed at top volume with the windows down.

Count The Stars

Josh teamed up with award winning producer, Ed Cash, to put together a new collection of songs about hope, identity, forgiveness, and grace- themes of every human story, and God’s story, too.


Underneath The ARmor

On this project are some of the songs Josh is most known for- “Only The Sinner,” “Ten Thousand Places,” and “Your Love Holds On.” It’s a beautiful album with intricate guitar work and reflective songwriting.