Video: Making “Count The Stars EP”

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Have you seen the behind the scenes footage from the making of the Count The Stars EP?  It's a brief taste of what it was like to rehearse, dialogue, record, and just be creative with a wonderful team of folks in Nashville.  Glad to still be … [Read more]

Hard Work, Sincere Grief, Profound Laughter

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Soul care requires hard work, sincere grief, and profound laughter. Hard Work York Minster Cathedral in York, England, is one of the world's architectural wonders.  It's also one of the longest building projects, taking over 250 years to complete. … [Read more]

A Love Song For Weddings: “Somehow I Knew”

Screen Shot 2014-11-01 at 2.25.25 PM A few years back I wrote a song called "Somehow I Knew" for my sister's wedding.  We recorded it with a full band for the country record I made called "If I Was A Prince."  And the song seems to have connected with … [Read more]